Kraków, Al. Jana Pawła II 70 (+48) 12 649 80 00

Hygienic Safe Venue - certified by Polish Tourism Organisation

Our Guests safety is the most important to us. Due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus threat, we introduced the following solutions:

- Only hotel Guests and employees are allowed to enter the hotel. Any people non-accommodated are not allowed in the building

- Hand sanitizers available at your disposal

- Disposable face mask available to buy at the reception desk

- Only 1 person allowed to be at the reception desk, time of check-in reduced to minimum

- Pens are disinfected after each use

- Key-cards for the rooms are disinfected before being given to the Guests

- All rooms are generally cleaned, ventilated and ozonized; surfaces such as countertops, door handles, switches and remote controls are disinfected

- We serve breakfast to the room or table in our restaurant; if there is more Guests - we prepare buffet breakfast served by a waiter

- All meals are prepared in sterile and hygienic conditions

-  We regularly disinfect all publicly areas, door handles, reception counter, payment terminals, tables, handrails, and elevator buttons

- Our employees provide all services to customers in gloves and protective masks

- Each employee regularly disinfects his/her workplace

Another advantage of the hotel is the location at the Polish Aviators Park - our hotel is surrounded by trees, away from the big city hustle and bustle.

Safe Hotel